Adventures with Azure AD B2C: Authenticating React

I have a React app that I am trying to wire up to Azure AD B2C. I am using James Randall’s library react-azure-adb2c.

Wiring it up was a snap, the document was straight-forward on this.

When I ran the application I received an UnsupportAuthorityValidation JavaScript error in the console.

This is a tracked issue at, withe work around being to set validateAuthority to false.

The struggle was where to do this?

Digging around, I discovered you have to make the change in react-azure-adb2c.js file located in the node_modules\react-azure-adb2c\lib folder.

I set the validateAuthority to false where the UserAgentApplication was being instantiated.

That did it!

Need to run yarn build first so the change started working.

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