Adventures with Azure: Downloading and Uploading Files with .NET Core

From time to time I have to add file upload and download support for my applications. It seems like I have done this a bajillion and one times in the past but can never seem to remember where this code lives!

My thought? Want not capture them all in an article on my blog? Not a bad idea, so I that is what I have done here.

I created three examples:

All these examples can be ran locally using Azure Storage Emulator and Azure Storage Explorer.

Make sure to read the for configuration information.

You will need to add a local.settings.json to the Azure Functions project and update with the settings as defined in the

You will need to update appsettings.Development.json for both the Web App and Web Api projects as defined in the

You can use Postman, or another tool, to test the Azure Functions project and Web Api project.

And use your browser of choice for the Web project.


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