Azure Application Insights Funnels

As defined by Microsoft:

Understanding the customer experience is of the utmost importance to your business. If your application involves multiple stages, you need to know if most customers are progressing through the entire process, or if they are ending the process at some point. The progression through a series of steps in a web application is known as a funnel. You can use Azure Application Insights Funnels to gain insights into your users, and monitor step-by-step conversion rates.


We were given the task of determining conversion rates for user registrations to user subscriptions.

Leveraging Application Insights, we added the following custom events for the registration process:

  • Registration – Landing Page – User visits the registration page.
  • Registration – Register – The use enters their email address, if email address did not exist, the user was prompted to register, otherwise they were prompted to login.
  • Registration – Register Success – The user successful enters email address, password and some other information.
  • Registration – Subscription Created Success – User successful completes the subscription process, meaning a payment method was added and their payment method was charged.

With these events we were able to see what our conversation conversion rates were.

Why would this information be so important? Ultimately it allows us to track our conversation rates as we continue to make changes and tweaks to the registration process.

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