Update Application Settings for an Azure App Service

With our migration to VSTS I ran into an issue where I wanted to update Application Settings for an Azure App Service.

Figure 1 – Application Settings for Azure App Service

At first I thought I could just modify the Variables in my Release Build Definition.

Figure 2 – Release Build Definition

Unfortunately that did not work. ☹️

Variables are geared towards transformation, be it web.config or appsettings.json.

What to do?

I took a deeper dive into what was available in the Deploy Azure App Service step and found a section labeled Application and Configuration Settings, and there is where I found my answer.

Figure 3 – Application and Configuration Settings

I was able to add my settings here. 

Figure 4 – Simple Editor for Managing App Settings

What was nice is that new settings were automatically added to the Application Settings for the Azure App Service.

I adjusted for both our Development and Production environments and all was good.

Still looking into how I might be able to leverage Azure Key Vault to better secure my settings.

If you know of another way, or a better way, please share!

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