Adventures in Apis: Grouping Controllers in Swagger

I like a one to one mapping between my controllers and actions, e.g. I have a controller to add an entity, delete an entity, and so on.

I wired up Swagger support for my .NET Core API per Adding Swagger to ASP.NET Core 3.1 Web API (

When I view the Swagger documentation in the browser, my Controllers are grouped by the Controller Name.

I would really like these Controllers to be grouped under a single heading called Drills.

The first thing I needed to do as add the ApiExplorerSettings attribute with a value for GroupName.

In my case, I set GroupName to Drills.

Then I added support to my Startup file to display the groups.

When I rerun my API, I know have my methods grouped together, which makes my API a lot easier to work with.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps you out!

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