Adventures with Azure: Regions

What is an Azure region?

According to the docs, an Azure region is defined as a set of data centers deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dedicated low-latency network.

There is also an Azure geography which defines an area of the world containing at least one Azure region.

And lastly, there are Azure paired regions, or regional pairs, which consists of two regions within the same geography.

For a list of region pairs see


Get all of the information you need to determine the geography that best fits your needs, from compliance to resiliency feature see

To get a list of Azure regions, run the Azure CLI script, az account list-locations -o table at

Below is a list of available regions, as of July 30, 2020.

I have also include an abbreviated version of each region that I use when naming some of my Azure resources, e.g. I use usea instead of eastus.

ContinentCountryNameLocationShort NameShort Name (Country First)
AfricaSouth Africa Northsouthafricanorthsfnosfno
AfricaSouth Africa Westsouthafricawestsfwesfwe
AsiaEast Asiaeastasiaeaasasea
AsiaSoutheast Asiasoutheastasiaseasassoea
AsiaJapanJapan Westjapanwestjawejawe
AsiaJapanJapan Eastjapaneastjaeajaea
AsiaIndiaSouth Indiasouthindiasoininso
AsiaIndiaCentral Indiacentralindiacninincn
AsiaIndiaWest Indiawestindiaweininwe
AsiaKoreaKorea Centralkoreacentralkrcnkrcn
AsiaKoreaKorea Southkoreasouthkrsokrso
AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesUAE Centraluaecentralaecnaecn
AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesUAE Northuaenorthaenoaeno
AustraliaAustraliaAustralia Eastaustraliaeastaueaauea
AustraliaAustraliaAustralia Southeastaustraliasoutheastauseause
AustraliaAustraliaAustralia Centralaustraliacentralaucnaucn
AustraliaAustraliaAustralia Central 2australiacentral2aucn2aucn3
EuropeNorth Europenortheuropenoeueuno
EuropeWest Europewesteuropeweeueuwe
EuropeUnited KingdomUK Southuksouthuksoukso
EuropeUnited KingdomUK Westukwestukweukwe
EuropeFranceFrance Centralfrancecentralfrcnfrcn
EuropeFranceFrance Southfrancesouthfrsofrso
EuropeSwizterlandSwitzerland Northswitzerlandnorthchnochno
EuropeSwizterlandSwitzerland Westswitzerlandwestchwechwe
EuropeGermanyGermany Northgermanynorthdenodeno
EuropeGermanyGermany West Centralgermanywestcentraldewecndewecn
EuropeNorwayNorway Westnorwaywestnowenowe
EuropeNorwayNorway Eastnorwayeastnoeanoea
North AmericaUnited StatesCentral UScentraluscnususcn
North AmericaUnited StatesEast USeastuseaususea
North AmericaUnited StatesEast US 2eastus2eaus2usea2
North AmericaUnited StatesWest USwestusweususwe
North AmericaUnited StatesNorth Central USnorthcentralusnocnususnocn
North AmericaUnited StatesSouth Central USsouthcentralussocnusussocn
North AmericaCentral AmericaCanada Centralcanadacentralcacncacn
North AmericaCentral AmericaCanada Eastcanadaeastcaeacaea
North AmericaUnited StatesWest Central USwestcentraluswecnususwecn
North AmericaUnited StatesWest US 2westus2weus2uswe2
South AmericaBrazilBrazil Southbrazilsouthbrsobrso

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