Adventures with the Power Platform: Handling Dataflow Upserts

I want to import data from an Excel workbook into my Power Platform Dataverse.

To get started, I created a Table to hold the imported data.

I added a single column called Name to my Table.

I created my Dataflow, in my example, it was from an Excel file hosted in OneDrive.

I followed the instructions at Create and use dataflows in Microsoft Power Platform | Microsoft Docs, and successfully created my Dataflow.

I ran my Dataflow multiple times, and noticed that all the records were being duplicated.

Not what I wanted or expected to see, but hey, maybe I missed something.

Digging into the docs I learned that incremental refresh is only supported in the Power BI Dataflows.

Again, not what I wanted or expected to see.

I noticed on the Dataverse navigation for my Table there was a tab called Keys.

Maybe I could add a Key and my Dataflow would honor it? Definitely worth a shot! I really wanted to avoid jumping over to Power BI.

So I added a Key and selected the Name column as a member.

I refreshed my Dataflow and no more duplicate records!

I would prefer a simpler approach, like the increment refresh offered by Power BI, but for now, this works.