Create Azure Web App with azure-cli

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Forcing my self to get better at using the command prompt as opposed to Azure Portal. These are a list of some of the azure-cli commands that I use frequently.

List Locations

To retrieve a list of available Azure regions use az account list-locations.

Create Resource Group

To create a resource group use az group create --location LOCATION_NAME --name RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME.

The location name is a name of an Azure Region, e.g. eastus or eastus2.

See for more information.

Create App Service Plan

To create an app service plan use az appservice plan create --name WEB_APP_NAME --resource-group RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME --sku SKU_NAME.

To get a list of available SKUs, execute az appservice plan create --help. You will see a list of SKUs next to the --sku argument in the output.

See for more information.

Create Web App

To create a web app use az webapp create --name WEB_APP_NAME --resource-group RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME --plan APP_SERVICE_PLAN_NAME.

See for more information.


If you ever need to get more information about a command, it’s arguments, global arguments and some examples, just end the command line with a --help.

For example, to get some help with create Azure Resource Groups just run az group create --help.

See for more information.

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