How to Query Azure Table Storage with Postman

In preparation you will need to create a table in either a new or existing Azure Storage Account.

In order to query Azure table storage with Postman you will need to create a Shared Access Signature (SAS) token. 

To do this navigate to the Shared access signature blade of the table storage account where the table you would like to query is located. You will then be prompted to set properties for the SAS token.

For my example I restricted the SAS token to only have read and list permissions for table storage.

After setting the appropriate flags click Generate SAS and connection string.

Three values will be generated, the Connection String, SAS Token and Table service SAS URL.

Copy the Table service SAS URL and then paste it into Postman.

You will need to add the name table before the query string parameters, between the last “/” and “?” of the URL.

Click Send and you should see a list of the records in your table. 

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